RTG Gaming Software - Incompetent Sales Person!

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We went to RTG in Port Charlotte, FL. to purchase a loveseat recliner.

The only salesperson available at the time, that we had to constantly chase down, was MaryAnn. We should have left! Not only did we have to chase her down, she was completely lost. We kept asking her for a rocking or reclining love seat.

She told us the store only had one, but my wife found 4 more! So we ordered the love seat and waited for the delivery only to receive a freakin rocking chair. I immediately called the store to speak to this MaryAnn only to be told she made a mistake and would exchange the chair and charge us for the difference. I think not!

We sat on the exact love seat we wanted, asked her numerous times what the price and monthly payments were, we had to walk to the office area so that she could follow us and commence the paperwork, at that rate...give us the job! Now she wants to exchange the chair for the love seat and charge us the difference for an item she screwed up on!

RTG, Honor Your Prices and Train Your Employees better. Don't punish the consumer for the mistakes of your employees!

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RTG Gaming Software - Slots of Vegas/Unscrupolous False Advertising/Do Not Pay Winners

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If there are any individuals out there who would like to do a little online gambling thinking you may have a chance to win money and be entertained at the same time should not ever play at this casino. The software is RTG financed by Intertop Sportbooking.

I was told I used the coupons offered incorrectly. There are no guidelines listed as to how coupons can be redeem. There are no rules listed for the patrons of this casino, but the people who are responsible for providing the terrible customer service have these rules. So after winning 16,000 dollars I was told I can't have the 16,000 but they will give me 300.00.

My question is if I truly misused the offered coupons why would they give me anything. I only lost 30 bucks in this little endeavor but it taught me that when dealing with any type of casino online especially if provided by RTG gaming then I should be prepared to not win anything because even if you do, they will not pay. The rules of gambling have not changed.

If you lose you pay up. In my situation the casino lost and did not pay up.

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